Of all of South Australia's regions, the Riverland is renowned for the juiciest oranges and abundant peaches, plumb, nectarines and apricots.

Toolunka Creek Olives

Toolunka Creek Olives was started In 2006 by Craig McClory and Andrea Chick who discovered Toolunka Creek whilst on a houseboat holiday in the Riverland the previous year. From their search for the ideal waterskiing property came a gradual transition from city life to farm life.

Craig and Andrea’s love of the Murray River and its environment lead to the creation of a sustainable olive farm which with all its beauty and surrounds is a magnificent place to live and work.

Toolunka Creek Olives now produces 6 varieties of premium green olives and Kalamata, all of which are selected from circa 9000 trees on 3 farms.