Northern Adelaide Plains

Adelaide Plains is home to many of the South Australia's fresh produce growers, with fields and greenhouses as far as the eye can see. Renowned for its market gardening due to its growing climate and rich loam soils. The freshest seasonal produce is virtually at your doorstep. This creates a true gate to plate experience!

Rainbow Fresh

Rainbow Fresh is a South Australian family owned business. The Giangregorio family have been primary producers on the Adelaide Plains at Lewiston since the 1970s and have specialised in gourmet lettuces since the 1990s. Now, with the second generation also involved.


Dion & Anne Andary's endeavour into the egg industry was a continuation of a family operation that began in the late 1950's with Anne's parents who owned about 400 chickens in Alma, South Australia. In order to identify their business, the name D.A.Y.S. was created, which originated from the names of the family members - Dion, Anne and their two daughters Yasmine and Sarah.

They offering a variety of egg farming systems that provides for a range of animal welfare and egg quality outcomes. It also ensures the accessibility of eggs as a nutrient dense and affordable protein for all South Australian families.

Zerella Fresh

The Pye family at Zerella Fresh are still passionate about the wholesome, delicious vegetables on your plate, proudly growing to one of Australia’s major suppliers of potatoes, carrots and onions. Family is at the forefront of this business having all Pye’s involved across New Zealand and Australia. They cover every element in the supply chain including variety selection tailoring to all consumers tastes, seed multiplication, growing, harvesting, transporting, washing, value-adding (top and tail carrots), packing, and wholesaling.

All Zerella Fresh produce is grown in Australia with no genetic modifications. All new varieties are derived from natural pollination and are carefully selected to bring to your plate the best in quality, taste and nutritional benefits – we hope you enjoy tasting the difference in every bite.

SA Mushrooms

SA Mushrooms, located int he heart of Virginia has been growing mushrooms in South Australia since 1998.

SA Mushrooms has remained 100% family owned. Sam Femia and sons Nick and Nat, have continued to hold a “paddock to plate” philosophy that has guided them to delivering the highest quality mushrooms to more and more South Australian families each year.

Placing a strong emphasis on the delicately hand-picked & packing process, SA Mushrooms are able to deliver mushrooms only hours after being picked.