Kangaroo Island

When it comes to Kangaroo Island, the national parks, sea lions, koalas and penguins are just the beginning.

It is a truly gourmet destination known in particular for its freshly caught seafood and diverse producers.

Kangaroo Island Oats

Kangaroo Island Oats was founded by two master mariners (Steve Morgan & Jeremy Coglan) that have a passion for sharing exceptional high quality oats from the  pristine region of Kangaroo Island.
Kangaroo Island Oats is ethically conscious and our company  exists to be a positive influence on the world.
Furthermore, they’re privately owned and one hundred per cent South Australian.  To demonstrate a commitment to sustainability they incorporate low-impact, sustainable farming and production practices.

The Figgery

Since 2009, Dan and Sue Pattingale have been growing figs and producing Sticky Figs and Sticky Fig Syrup.

All products are grown and produced on their Stokes Bay property, from start to finish. Their philosophy is to produce the best products they can using natural and organic farming methods with a reduced footprint on the planet.